Red Gunda

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Name: Gunda

Age: 68

On old ships you learn to sail is what they say. Thats true but i also need a man who has some skills already. What things are you good at that would please a lady like me? Ready for some granny phone sex? Call now and tell me!

Call 09005669902 now*Nur 1,99€ a.d. Dt. Fn. Mobil abweichend.
Send a SMS to 82208***0,99€/SMS/MMS Telefonica; Vodafone & Telekom 1,99€/SMS/MMS
Text me!
0,99 Nuggets pro Nachricht



Richtig geil gewesen!

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Geil sau beste Telefonnummer ever

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12.7.2022 23:27:23